Ali Momeni and his bicycle fleet

by urban projection on July 7, 2009

“Ride along with Ali Momeni and his bicycle fleet of mobile video projectors that transform public spaces into eye-popping sound and light shows. Ali’s group, ‘Art on Wheels’ brings ephemeral art to the masses by modifying vendor carts into portable projection systems that can roll to a site, set up and illuminate city walls at a moment’s notice, then whisk away into the night. Also, see the first projector, the “magic lantern,” that’s still in use today.”…taken from vimeo

See more clips and movies of Ali in action at or at his own website here.

One comment

could you tell me what kind of projector I could use to light an exterior building wall 30x 30 foot.

I looked at your site a year ago. I was very enthused by the things you were doing. We have experimented with projection and animation. I wish to create a piece that includes performance and animation in a city setting.

thought I would ask? any way on a tight schedule for this work. your assistance would be fondly appreciated.

thank you , James.

by james gallagher on 7. February 2011 at 06:56. #

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