Riding through the night

by urban projection on February 22, 2009

A few years ago Dave Lynch was inspired by the work “wildlife” by Karolina Sobecka. He found the Link (you can find it under Artists) here on this side and now he gave me a mail to his project “The horse in motion”.

“In 1872 Leland Stanford hired Edweard Muybridge to answer a question of whether a horse’s feet left the ground whilst running. 12 cameras; 21 inches apart taking a picture at 1000th of a second proved this. – The Horse in Motion – These images lead to the discovery of arguably one of the 1st projection systems. The Zoopraxiscope. 121 years later I brought the horse back to motion…”

If you like to learn more about the analog systems like the Zoopraxiscope Dave mentioned in his description have a look here.

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