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Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface

Just got a mail to an event in Amsterdam taking place on the 4th of December: “Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface”

In their words:” Urban Screens is a series of events and seminars that has been organized around the theme of outdoor display screens (LED signs, plasma screens, projection boards, information terminals as well as intelligent architectural surfaces) in urban areas. It supports the idea of using public space as a platform for creation and cultural exchange, strengthening the local economy and encouraging public discussion.”

Urban Screens as Architecture, with Matthijs ten Berge (Illuminate), Mettina Veenstra (Novay Research), and more. Moderator: Merijn Oudenampsen (Mute, Flexmens).
The Mobile Screen, with Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City), Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University), Annet Dekker (Goldsmiths and Virtual Platform), Auke Touwslager & Ursula Lavrencic (Cellphone Disco). Moderator: Jan Simons (UvA).
The Mediatized City, with Theodore Watson (Graffiti Research Lab), Juha Van ‘t Zelfde (VURB) , Gijs Gootjes (MediaLAB Amsterdam), Visual Foreign Correspondents.
Urban Screens Reader Launch, with Sabine Niederer.

For more information go here. Thanks for the Mail Elena!

Some theory: “Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society”

First Monday with a Special Issue: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society bring together some really interesting articels. These are the topics:

  • Urban Screens: the beginning of a universal visual culture by Paul Martin Lester
  • The politics of public space in the media city by Scott McQuire
  • The poetics of urban media surfaces by Lev Manovich
  • Interpreting urban screens by Anthony Auerbach
  • Story space: A theoretical grounding for the new urban annotation by Rekha Murthy
  • The urban incubator: (De)constructive (re)presentation of heterotopian spatiality and virtual image(ries) by Wael Salah Fahmi
  • Urban screens: Towards the convergence of architecture and audiovisual media by Tore Slaatta
  • Towards an integrated architectural media space by Ava Fatah gen. Schieck
  • Art and social displays in the branding of the city: Token screens or opportunities for difference? by Julia Nevárez
  • Hijacking the urban screen: Trends in outdoor advertising and predictions for the use of video art and urban screens by Raina Kumra
  • For an aesthetics of transmission by Giselle Beiguelman
  • Intelligent skin: Real virtual by Vera Bühlmann
  • Programming video art for urban screens in public space by Kate Taylor

Go to the articels here