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Video Mapping Competition

Just got this link on the Urban Projection Facebook Page to a Video Mapping Competition in Paris from 25th to 27th of October 2011.

Take part in the first International Video Mapping competition, which is open to artists, companies and students from all over the world: the “VLS Video Mapping Trophy“.

To be honest the trailer for the comp looks pretty cheesy so I won´t post it here but i thought it´s a good way to make a little post for the Urban Projection Facebook site, so don´t hesitate and become a fan.

Here and now

Some more mapping here…Great interactive installation with dance performance by Klaus Obermaier. Check out his Youtube profile for more videos on different projects.

“Here and now” was also shown at the Ruhrlights Festival which took place at several places around Dortmund, Germany, in September 2010. Hopefully it will happen again in 2011. In the meantime you could have a look at the many projects and installations from last year here.

Still hungry for more mapping clips? Have a look at the “Video Mapping Blog” for more stunning examples.

Yekpare – 10 – 11 – 12 December, Istanbul

Just got a mail to a series of projections going on right now in Istanbul: “In June, we performed urbanscreening project “Yekpare”(monolithic), Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture as one of the closing events will be repeated. Performance will be realized by using Video/3D mapping techniques in public places 10 – 11 – 12 December, at 20.00 can be viewed in Kadıköy.

Telling a 8500 years history of İstanbul on Haydarpaşa Train Station not only all of us , also proud the audience. We know that Istanbul deserve and will see better.”


To watch the clip from the screening back in June go here, and if you´re around Istanbul right now have a look live today or tomorrow.

Anti VJ at the St Gervais Mapping Festival 2010

Great show from Anti VJ at the St Gervais Mapping Festival 2010 at Geneve (06. – 16.05.2010). At their website you can find more clips from this years festival as well as an application form for next years event that will take place from 19th to 29th May 2011.

If you want to see more from Anti VJ go here, and if you can´t get enough of mapping techniques you should definitly have a look at the vimeo group vimappingeo!

Mutek 2010

Mutek_10 – international festival of digital creativity and music at Montreal, Canada features a series of urban projections.

MUTEK_10 inaugurates EXTRA_MUROS, a series of outdoor projects using urban Montreal as a canvas for play and projection

With this endeavor, MUTEK reaffirms its role as trampoline to propel visionary artists into the streets of the city and into the realm of new and uninitiated audiences, many of whom will see Montreal in a new light as a result.

This first tier of local and international talent invites you to see the city as a platform punctuated by their monumental creativity. Their work will be on display throughout the festival, from Montreal’s Old Port all the way up the Saint Laurent Boulevard’s annual sidewalk sale.

Installations run from Wednesday May 27 to Sunday May 31 – from dusk to 3 am

Featured Artists are: AntiVJ, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Dominique T Skoltz and Amuse

So if you´re from canada or anywhere near, or you have the money to go there you definitely should! I would love to!

Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface

Just got a mail to an event in Amsterdam taking place on the 4th of December: “Urban Screens 09: The City as Interface”

In their words:” Urban Screens is a series of events and seminars that has been organized around the theme of outdoor display screens (LED signs, plasma screens, projection boards, information terminals as well as intelligent architectural surfaces) in urban areas. It supports the idea of using public space as a platform for creation and cultural exchange, strengthening the local economy and encouraging public discussion.”

Urban Screens as Architecture, with Matthijs ten Berge (Illuminate), Mettina Veenstra (Novay Research), and more. Moderator: Merijn Oudenampsen (Mute, Flexmens).
The Mobile Screen, with Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City), Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University), Annet Dekker (Goldsmiths and Virtual Platform), Auke Touwslager & Ursula Lavrencic (Cellphone Disco). Moderator: Jan Simons (UvA).
The Mediatized City, with Theodore Watson (Graffiti Research Lab), Juha Van ‘t Zelfde (VURB) , Gijs Gootjes (MediaLAB Amsterdam), Visual Foreign Correspondents.
Urban Screens Reader Launch, with Sabine Niederer.

For more information go here. Thanks for the Mail Elena!

International Guerrilla Video Festival

Kelly O´Connor "Latent" at IGVFest 2009, Dublin

There´s a festival for urban projections since 2006. Stops so far were Florence (Italy), Milano (Italy) and Dublin (Ireland) this february.

This is what they say:

The International Guerrilla Video Festival (IGVFest) is a mobile festival integrating video art with the urban and social environment. The festival removes the technologically complex medium of video out of the institutional situation re-positioning it as open and reflexive in the public domain. The artworks have site-specific thematic relations to the space where they are shown, engaging and reflecting upon the unique architectural, historical, and interpersonal context of each area the festival travels to.” read more on their website.

More Events

Modus Operandi art consultants curated “Light Up Queen Street 05/06 “, an annual programme of external lighting, video and sound commissions for the City of London.

“Illuminating York”
This winter York will be more beautiful in the evening than ever before. Many of the city’s most treasured buildings will be bathed in light so that everyone can explore and enjoy York as much by night as by day. Read more.

If you´re staying somewhere around Brussel have a look at “TOUCH” – an urban interactive installation by LAb[au] from 26 December 2006 until 15 January 2007 every day between 17H00 and 01H00 on the Dexia Tower and place Rogier in Brussels, Belgium. Have a look at the Livestream.

“Touch” in Brussels


From 11th to 21st of January there will be a lot of public projections in Stuttgart, Germany, in line with the 20th Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Urban Projections will participate, too. It will start on Thursday, the 11th with the work of Heinrich Breitsprecher “Burnout”, 19:00 near Bohnenviertel. The next will be “Brandsatz” by optokopter on Friday the 12th at reinsburgstr. 95 (near Schwabstr.) More Dates and pictures will follow soon.

Got a Mail today (Thanks Marcel!) to a fantastic french project that should spread the world! Have a look at their side and help them with your own “work of light”.

FAITES DE LA LUMIERE! Worldwide on Saturday, 16 June 2007.

Transform your daily life by Chinese shades, luminous machines, slide shows, paper cut out with the windows, of the mix vidéos, projections of film, performances illuminated, luminous fantomes, reflections of pans…Spread your lights on the panes of the cars, the edges of the pavement, the windows, the frontages, cloths suspended, the sheets of the trees…